Outside Games & Activities for Your Puppy

Are you hoping to play with your puppy outside the house but are unsure how to go about it? These two advices for playing with puppies can assist new pet parents in taking their puppies out for enjoyment and socialisation in a secure manner.

1. Packing a Puppy Play Pack

Like any new parent, pet parents should be ready before leaving the house. Before you go on travels with your puppy, always carry these goods with you by purchasing a sling bag or a small backpack. 

  • Folding water bowl
  • Water bottle
  • Additional leash (in case your dog rips through the one he has while riding in the car).
  • Canine waste bags
  • Chew toy ( Check our range of durable chew toys today!
  • To clean up your dog if they get muddy or wet, use an old towel or rag.
  • Take a picture of your pet in case they wander off.


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2. Outdoor Recreational Activities for Dogs

Fetch and Frisbee may come to mind when you think of conventional dog games, but untrained puppies may not be the greatest candidates for these activities. There is always a higher chance that they will run off and you will have to go after them because they have to be let off the leash to play. Additionally, since they are easily distracted, a squirrel or butterfly could be all it takes for a game of fetch to change into one in which you are attempting to fetch your puppy.

When they are young, it is preferable to play activities that encourage close proximity interaction because it strengthens your bond and keeps them close. Young puppies enjoy playing tug-of-war with a rope because it satisfies their early chewing needs and provides the activity they need to burn off energy. Soccer is a fantastic game as well. Play keep-away while your dog tries to tackle a miniature soccer ball. Although it might be terrific workout for both of you, it keeps them close to your side.