When Does My Puppy Become an Adult Dog?

Is your puppy growing into a full-grown dog? Maybe it's hard to tell. If you've had them since they were a puppy, you may recall all the changes they went through, including getting their adult teeth, learning to play fetch, potty train, and socialising.

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However, as your dog ages, their developmental growth gets smaller and more inconspicuous. Understanding the changes that occur at each stage of a puppy's growth is crucial for you as a pet parent so that you can adapt to your pet's changing demands as they mature into adult dogs.


It won't happen all at once for your puppy to mature. The shift for dogs from being a puppy to an adult occurs considerably more swiftly than it does for people.

Sexual Maturity: By the time they are 6 months old, when they are still physically and emotionally developing puppies, most dogs have reached sexual maturity. Your puppy's sex organs are now completely formed and ready for reproduction.

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Physical Maturity: Dogs reach their full physical potential by the time they are a year old, while large breeds may continue to grow until they are two years old.

When your dog stops acting like a puppy or an adolescent and fully transitions into the role of an adult dog, you'll know they've reached emotional maturity.