Gun Massager

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Professional fascia gun

Multi gear regulation,intelligent chip,powerful motor

Product Advantages

Small in size, powerful in function

Strong motor
3200 rpm surging power

Long endurance
Super long endurance

Mute noise reduction
Low noise mute Technology

Multi gear adjustment
Meet different massage needs

Professional amplitude

10mm amplitude Direct to deep muscle groups

Sports car line Ergonomic

Sports car line design Ergonomically streamlined appearance

Intelligence Adjust

32 speed intelligent adjustment Meet different massage needs

improve Relieve pain

Improve post exercise stiffness Effective mitigation Muscle fatigue and soreness

Long life Type-C interface

Two styles to choose from Easy to use, deep release fatigue

Multiple operation modes

Two styles and multiple operation modes
Strength multi gear adjustment Easy to use, deep release fatigue

Long life Type-C interface

Type-C interface charging Easy to carry and charge at any time

Strong power Shock soreness

Strong power impact pain Stable power more efficient

Small body big energy

Small body, big energy Enjoy Master Massage and beating

Long life Strong motor

Long lite Powerful motor for deep massage

45dB Mute

45dB whisper No noise, enjoy relaxation
With specially customized powerful motor, Noise during operation It's about the volume of normal conversation

*Data from factory laboratory slight error, please understand.

Press if you want Activate muscle

Press whenever you want Activate tired muscles

Four paragraphs Massage head

Four professional massage heads Take care of every muscle group

Ball massage head
For pectoralis major and latissimus dorsi Isometric muscle group tissue

U-shaped massage head
Suitable for massaging neck and neck Cervical gingival tendon

Conical massage head
It is suitable for impacting deep tissue Such as meridians, palms, soles, etc

Wolf tooth massage head
It is suitable for relaxation of various muscle parts And deep stimulation such as shaping legs and hips

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