Allergy Immune Support Supplement for Dogs, Superfood 100% Human-Grade with Turkey Tail Mushroom, Prebiotics for Gut Health, Itchy Skin, Seasonal Allergies & Yeast - for Small to Large Breeds

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  • 💙 LESS ALLERGIES, MORE FUN - We’ll take belly rubs over belly scratching any day. Relief for hot spots, itchy skin, yeasty ears & paws, & seasonal allergies.
  • 💙 TAIL WAGGING TASTE - Keeping your bestie in tip top shape has never been so easy. Simply mix our delicious powder with their food. Picky pup approved!
  • 💙 HOLISTIC HEALING Go Defense! Support your dog's immune system, heart health, gut health and reduce their risk for devastating disease. Plus, keep them comfy and itch-free by nourishing their skin and coat, and say No to stinky doggie kisses! Natural Ingredients like beta glucan, turkey tail mushroom, spirulina, nutritional yeast, and resveratrol are the secret to your dog's longevity. These super immune boosters will help you spend less time at the vet and more time playing fetch!
  • 💙 MADE WITH THE GOOD STUFF - If it’s not beneficial, you won't find it in ZENAPET supplements! NO fillers, binders, synthetics, preservatives, wheat, corn, soy, gluten, dairy, artificial flavoring and 100% Non-GMO. Every scoop is packed with only the best human-grade, nutrient-dense ingredients, with powerful antioxidants, vitamins, and prebiotics for a thriving, vibrant pup. Dogs live life in the moment. So give them the good stuff and help make every moment their best!
  • 💙 CONSCIOUSLY CRAFTED WITH CARE - We know your pets are family, and we want to nurture that pawtnership. We find our motivation in making a difference in your doggies life, and bringing happiness to yours. We are confident you will love your Zenapet powdered supplement, 100% satisfaction guaranteed!
EXPERIENCE THE ZENAPET DIFFERENCEDogs are exposed to the same chemicals and toxins as humans.Zenapet's unique proprietary blend of potent ingredients is known to protect your dog from immune system challenges he or she may face.Main Benefits to Help Your Pup be Healthier and Happier:Supports the Immune System and Organ FunctionAntioxidant (Free Radical Scavengers) and Anti-InflammatoryDetoxification AidHelps Fight PathogensSupports Heart Health (Increase Energy and Stamina)Natural Human-Grade Ingredients Using Modern and Ancient Ingredients such as Turkey Tail Mushroom Powder, Beta - Glucan, Spirulina, Resveratrol Scientifically Proven to Support Health and Protect from Health Challenges. These superfood ingredients synergistically work together to supercharge your dog’s bodily systems and functions.Important Vitamins for Your DogZenapet Immune Support contains food form vitamins such as Vitamin B-1, B-2, B-6 to A, C, D, and E that help improve your dog's immunity and overall health.Tasty Natural FlavorYour Dog Will Enjoy EatingConvenient Powder For Appropriate DosingEasy To AdministerZenapet's Dog Immunity Support Is Made With Tested Ingredients That Are Processed In A FDA Regulated Facility.30 Day Money Back Guarantee!You Will Be So Satisfied That Ordering Zenapet Dog Immunity Support Will Become a Monthly RitualOrder Your Bottle Of Zenapet Dog Immunity Support Now!

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