The cage is the most crucial thing you will ever buy for your companion parrot. Making a secure and suitable decision for your bird requires taking into account a number of criteria, including:

  • Size\style
  • Bar spacing for construction and bar orientation (horizontal/vertical)
  • Simple maintenance
  • Cage Positioning
  • The larger the cage, the better

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We humans seek out nature in order to appreciate its vast expanse of openness, beauty, and sense of freedom. Our parrots are kept in harsh confinement in comparison to the freedom they enjoy in the wild. Your bird's cage is its primary environment, so it is crucial that it allow them to move freely, flap their wings, climb, play, perform acrobatics, forage, and perch at various levels.

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The physical and emotional health of your buddy will suffer if you keep your bird in a cage that prevents them from engaging in these activities. It may also result in the development of stereotyped behaviours like screaming, plucking feathers, and aggression. As a result, the first rule when picking a cage is to get the biggest cage you can from a space and price standpoint.

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This is why our range of bird cages has been carefully created to cater to your bird's needs!