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Accessories That Can Make Pet Grooming Easier

Accessories that make pet grooming easier

Dogs and cats require regular grooming to keep them healthy and feeling their best. Grooming can be challenging but worth it for the benefits your pets enjoy. While challenging as it may be to bathe an anxious pet or clip the nails of an unpredictable animal, maintaining your pet’s coat and nails between trips to the groomer ensures a healthy pet. Here are eight devices that can make the home grooming tasks easier, more effective, and an overall less traumatic experience for you and your pet.

Accessories that make pet grooming easier

Deshedding Brush Glove for Pets

Deshedding brushes are one of the most essential tools for dog grooming. These brushes help prevent hair on furniture and other hard to clean areas of the house. Less hair in the air means less hair and dander to breath. One great option is the deshedding brush glove, which features soft silicone bristles that gently massage your dog's fur removing loose hair. This makes it perfect for dogs with short to medium-length hair, its flexible design makes it easy to use in hard-to-reach areas. Because this brush is a glove you can show your pet affection turning pet grooming into a relaxing reward.

Pumpkin Self-Cleaning Comb

Easily untangle and remove pet hair with this adorable pumpkin-designed pet grooming comb. Made from durable plastic, it features an internal mechanism that gently picks up your pet's hair. Once full simply squeeze the comb to release the pet hair from the comb. This makes it a great choice for dog owners who struggle with shedding or long-haired breeds. The pumpkin self-cleaning comb is also ideal for long-haired cats!

Accessories that make pet grooming easier

8 Inch Pet Grooming Scissors

These dog grooming scissors are a must-have clipper for those who want to get the perfect cut. Featuring sharp, stainless steel blades, and an ergonomic handle providings precise control while giving your dog all the attention they deserves. Whether you're trimming their paw pads or shaping their coat, these scissors are a great option for dog owners who want to give their dog a high-quality grooming experience from the comfort of home.

Hanging Pet Grooming Hammock

To keep your dog or cat comfortable and safe during grooming, try using a hanging pet grooming hammock. This convenient hammock will raise your pet in a safe and secure way, giving you access to challenging areas such as their belly, paws, and tail. Because your pet is securely in the hammock, you won't have to worry about them pulling away or biting you out of fear. The pet grooming hammock can also be used to give your pet medicine, clean their ears, and brush their teeth.

Accessories that make pet grooming easier

Professional Nail Clippers For Pets

If there is one pet grooming task most owners fear, it's clipping nails. This can also be quite daunting for professionals too! Overgrown nails can be harmful to a dog’s feet, legs, and spine because they alter your dog’s normal stance and gait. ¹

To make this task easier invest in a pair of professional nail clippers. These clippers offer a precise cut designed with a sturdy grip equipped with corrosion resistant stainless steel blades. These features allow for a painless effective nail grooming experience. Built with safety in mind, these clippers minimize nail bed injury caused by clipping nails too short.

Mesh Cat Bathing Bag

Did you know that most domestic cats are descendants of African wildcats who originated in arid climates with very few bodies of water making it unnecessary to swim. Even today almost 10,000 years later domestic cats will still avoid water. You could say it’s in their DNA. ² Although cats do maintain their own coat very well, bathing is recommended every four to six weeks to remove hard to reach dirt. And who doesn’t enjoy a nice smelling cat.

Ok, the cat is out of the bag! The best way to make bathing your cat fast and fear-free is to use a bathing bag. These items are made of a mesh giving owners more control over the comfort and safety of their pet while bathing. Available in a range of colors these mesh cat grooming bags add security for those cats that may scratch or bite when exposed to water. Gently slip your cat into the mesh bathing bag, gently secure, and make bath time more manageable and hopefully, enjoyable.

Accessories that make pet grooming easier

Cat Muzzle

While dog muzzles are quite common, cat muzzles can be hard to find. But for those who want to make pet grooming easier, the cat muzzle is a must-have tool. This cat muzzle features adjustable straps that let you secure it in place always ensuring your pets are comfortable. The muzzle not only prevents an unexpected attack, but it blindfolds your cat to reduce anxiety while grooming or nail clipping.

Cat Grooming Scissors

Whether you need to groom your dog, cat, or bunny, quality pet grooming scissors are an essential tool. These grooming scissors have been designed with safety and precision in mind. They feature rounded tips to prevent injury and ergonomic handles that make it easy to get to those hard-to-reach places. With its durable stainless steel blades, each pair of scissors play a key role in the grooming experience. For instance, thinning scissors help reshape and define fur. Straight scissors help to trim hair around the nail bed area. Providing your pet the best grooming experience possible is every pet owners goal. Ensure you invest in a good pair of pet grooming scissors today!