Top 3 Tips to Help Your Cat Exercise in Winter

Throughout the year, it can be difficult to ensure that your indoor cat gets enough movement and activity, but during the winter it can be extremely difficult. Your cat feels the same way you do when it's cold outside and the days are short; they both want to curl up, sleep all day, and eat comfort food. That makes it even more crucial to encourage your cat to exercise throughout the winter.

Your indoor cat will be able to keep active and healthy all year long with the help of this guide to cat activity and exercise.


1. Plan playtime.
Cats thrive with stable routines. Playtime with your cat should be intentionally scheduled into your calendar. Setting aside 10 to 15 minutes to play with your cat twice or three times a day will ensure they get enough exercise to stay healthy. Cat exercise should add up to roughly 30 minutes each day.

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 2. Be Innovative
 Cats are amusing on their own; you don't need to buy a tonne of pricey toys to keep your feline companion entertained; a few from PNW will just do the trick! Our personal favourites can be found in our Cat Toys catalogue!


3. Create areas for jumping, climbing, and scaling
Another natural habit for cats is climbing. Your cat will have a healthy outlet for this instinct with the help of a cat tree, kitty condo, or strategically placed cat shelves along a wall. These items will provide your cat opportunity to climb, jump, and stretch their bodies without requiring your active participation!


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Try these top 3 tips and watch your cat thrive!